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Your AAA membership has expanded ……to your bicycle

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Don working on your wheel

Don working on your wheel

This is Don, working on your wheel at the shop. What if you were out on a ride and you have the misfortune of having a flat tire, a broken chain, or your seat breaks? 

If you are a AAA Member guess what? As of April 1 of this year, AAA Ohio Auto Club can help you as they have a new benefit for their Members: Bicycle Breakdown Service. The Bicycle Breakdown Service is one more way Members can use their service calls and towing mileage. Whether it is car or a bicycle your coverage works the same:

  1. You and your bike will need to make your way to the nearest accessible road
  2. Call AAA for assistance.
  3. A service truck will arrive and take you and your bicycle where you need to go-home, a bicycle repair shop, your car, wherever.

RD Bike Shop is a participating AA shop. AAA members receive 10% off of parts and accessories whenever they present their AAA membership card at time of purchase-whether or not emergency repair service is needed.

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