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Why you want to stop by today at RD Bike Shop to be fitted for snowshoes

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

According to the forecasts snow is likely on Sunday.  You need at least 4″ of snow to be able to enjoy the activity of snowshoeing. You can snowshoe your favorite hiking trail, in your back yard, along the towpath trail, or around Lake Anna park.

There are several categories of snowshoes. You can find a list at the Redfeather Snowshoe website. We chose hiking snowshoes, and offer several sizes. Hiking Snowshoes are excellent snowshoes for trailwalking, or going off trail in deeper snow. Sometimes called “recreational” snowshoes. In addition to being an inexpensive outdoor activity snowshoeing, like cycling, can be done at any age. Snowshoeing, like cycling, can help relieve that depression and change your whole relationship with winter. In addition, snowshoeing burns far more calories than related exercises without snowshoes. For instance, studies have shown that snowshoeing burns from 420 to 1,000 calories per hour, primarily because you have to lift your foot higher, and because its cold your body is burning even more calories to stay warm. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse conducted a study which found that snowshoeing at an average speed of 3 MPH compared favorably to running at 6 MPH, cycling at 14-16 MPH, and cross country skiing at 5-8 MPH. Snowshoeing is also approved by the American Heart Association as an approved aerobic activity. You do not need to buy expensive gear to snowshoe. Wear warm socks and hiking boots on your feet. Layer as you do when winter cycling. The Endura Merino Base Layers are a good starting point, with an middle insulating layer of fleece or wool. Include an outer layer to block wind or snow if the conditions demand it.

Snowshoes are fitted according to user weight with gear. Stop on by the shop and we will assist you with the correct shoe size and instruct you on snowshoe fit.

Redfeather Conquest

Redfeather Conquest Snowshoe


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