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Updates from the Ohio Bicycle Federation

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts available at RD Bike Shop

Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts available at RD Bike Shop

Great riding weather can be found now! Now is a also a great time to remind yourself about the rules of the road. “The road” could be a bike path or the street. The Ohio Department of Transportation’s Office of Local Projects has published an informative booklet called “Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts” that if read will increase your safety and confidence while riding. We have a supply of them at the shop.

House Bill 145-The House Transportation Committee approved OBF’s House Bill 145 on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 by a 7–2 vote. The Full Ohio House may act on HB 145 next week. Passage of this bill would require motorists to give cyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing and would give cyclists the ability to legally proceed into an intersection after stopping and yielding right-of-way, even when not detected by the apparatus which advances the traffic light from red to green.

Did you know, from the OBF website: If you do not have contact information for the jurisdiction controlling a malfunctioning traffic light, call 614-387-0722 or email(bike.report@dot.state.oh.us) to report the location and they’ll inform the responsible city/county and recommend increasing the sensitivity and/or installing symbols where to place the bicycle to trigger the detector.

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