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Specialty Bikes: Fat Tires,


Unis, Police, and Folding Bikes


Specialty bikes are fun whether you are looking for a track bike, fat tire or want to try a unicycle. We have several sources for these items and are happy to place a special order for you.

Fat Tire

The KHS 4 Season bikes are made to be ridden any time of the year be it rain, wind, or snow. They are also designed for any terrain: sand, mud, and any kind of dirt. They are equipped with ultra-wide 3-5″ tires and mountain bike gearing. They are fun on the trails, the beach, or cruising down a city street. Phat Cycles Bomber is a classic cruiser.  The Bomber is fat tire fun and is available in single-speed or 7 speed. 


Urban bikes are a category of bicycles designed for fun and fashion. They are perfect for zipping around on the streets. Usually offered as single speed or a fixed gear you can also see them with a 3 speed internal. These bikes will take you where you want to go in style.




From Wikepedia: A tricycle (often abbreviated to trike) is a three-wheeled vehicle.

Tricycles generally follow one of two layouts:

Tadpole: with two steered wheels at the front and one (usually driven) wheel at the back. Tadpole recumbent trikes are the sport tourers of recumbent trikes. They sit low to the ground and allow leaning and body english for accomplishing tight turns and maneuvering.

Delta: with two wheels at the back (of which one or both may be driven) and one steered wheel at the front. Delta recumbent trikes resemble the classic all around trike. The seat height is higher than the tadpole trike, allowing for an easier mounting and exiting. This type is well suited for recreational riding as well as carrying cargo. Trailmate offers several styles of Delta trikes, including the trike pictured below, the E-Z Roll Classic.

Not all trikes fall into one of these two classes. For example, some early pedal tricycles used two wheels in tandem on one side and a larger driving wheel on the other. It is common for tricycles to have front and rear wheels of different sizes. Read more about Trikes at wikipedia.org/wiki/Trikes

Trailmate Specialty Cycles

Trailmate E-Z Roll Regal

Trailmate E-Z Roll Regal



From Wikepedia: “A unicycle is a one-wheeled human powered vehicle. Unicycles are similar to, but less complex than, bicycles.” Read more at: wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicycles

The Sun Classic

The Sun Classic sets the standard for fun on one wheel. Each frame is tig welded and uses a uni-crown design. Each unicycle is built w/ sealed bearings, main cap bearing type, cotterless crank, quick-relese seat clamp, and unicycle seat w/ bumper. Picture is the Sun 24″ wheel unicycle.

20" unicycle

20″ unicycle


From Wikipedia: “The tandem bicycle or twin is a form of bicycle (occasionally, a tricycle) designed to be ridden by more than one person. The term tandem refers to the seating arrangement (fore to aft, not side-by-side) instead of the number of riders.” Visit wikipedia.org/wiki/Tandem_bicycle for more information on Tandems.

Sun Brickell Tandem 7 Speed

Sun Brickell 7 speed

Sun Brickell 7 speed

The Brickell tandem uses lightweight 6061 series alloy to construct an extremely easy to ride foot-forward design frame. Comfort and ease of use are the main focuses for this tandem. The Brickell features low clearance at the top tubes for the captain and stoker which makes for exceptionally easy starting and stopping. The stand-over height is a mere 21″ for the front and 18″ for the rear rider. The Brickell also uses an adjustable angle stem that allows for additional upper body positioning. The Brickell is also available in a single speed version


Folding Bikes

The KHS Latte

For times or places when moving or storing a “regular bike” is an issue, a folding bike might just do the trick. KHS offers 3 models of folding bikes. If you have a small space to store a bike and want something simple and easy to us the Latte is the perfect folding choice.


KHS Latte

KHS Latte



Police Bikes

Police Patrol 29

Larger wheels open up all kinds of new possibilities – go more places more easily. A rack rated to last and hold supplies securely in place is standard, along with a durable kickstand to keep the bike upright and ready for action.

Fuji Police Patrol 29

Fuji Police Patrol 29

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