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Tow Path repairs

by Ruth Kaser for Towpath News

We shared yesterday on our Face Book page the information that the section of the TowPath between Memorial Parkway and the Mustil Store was repaired and would reopen at 5:30 PM.

Today’s’ Akron Beacon Journal included an article by Bob Downing describing the extensive damage done by the flood waters.  The water released on July 10th storm caused a 250 foot long, 20 foot wide and 15 foot high stretch of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail to be washed away. City of Akron spokesman Jim Weber shared the section of the bank disappeared right to the edge of the trail and was washed away. The result was a drop of 15 feet straight down from the edge of the trail into the stream. The construction company making the repairs, H M Miller Construction Company, hauled in more than 3,000 cubic yards of soil. To visualize 3000 cubic yards-that is enough dirt to fill half a football field to a depth of 3 feet. The dirt was compacted as it was put in place. The area was then seeded with a textile matt and the area was temporarily fenced off.

The trail is again open. We have always marveled during our rides on the Tow Path of the engineering aspect of the trail, and were not surprised to read about materials that had been used to anchor the bank. These too were affected by the flood waters. Two old abandoned sewer lines that had anchored the bank in that area disappeared in the flood waters. One was 24 inches in diameter and the other was 36 inches in diameter. They ran to a long-closed city plant off Cuyahoga Street in North Akron.Those lines provided some concrete that was part of the bank rebuilding efforts.

It will probably be wet riding today, but the next time you have a chance to check out that section of the Tow Path trail, look around.  I was impressed not only with the extensiveness of the damage but the amount of work necessary for the repair. And, by the way, the repair is temporary. The city intends to hire an expert to conduct soil borings next week as it begins to determine what the best remedy might be to stop the eroding banks at that spot on the Little Cuyahoga.


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