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Today is a great day for wearing something cozy, like…

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Our model is eyeing the Merino Long Sleeved Base Layers and the Merino Winter Socks. She notes the lack of 60-70 degree temperatures in the forecast and is finally ready for fall clothing.

Fall clothing today!

Our mannequin eyeing a change to fall clothing

Endura Sport features their Baabaa Merino wool in several of the fall pieces. The wool is used in its purest form for baselayers and as part of a fabric blend for their arm and leg warmers and sock ranges. They all are highly wicking, extremely breathable, non-itchy, warm when wet and low odour. And the best thing is they come from renewable sheep rather than oil. Don’t leave home without it!


Endura Sport BaaBaa Merino wool logo



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