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Tips on transporting your bicycle

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Warmer weather has the bicycles begging to be ridden. Do you know how to transport your bicycle safely so when your destination is reached you are not scratching your head wondering what happened to your ride? 

  • If you are laying your bike down inside a car or on a truck bed place it chain side up. The rear derailleur serves a mighty task as part of your drive train and you don’t want to bend its cage. A bent rear derailleur will affect your shifting and could end up in your rear wheel.
  • If you are using a trunk rack allow time to make sure the rack is installed correctly on your car.
  • When the bikes are on the rack make sure the tires are not directly behind the exhaust pipe.
  •  Secure the bike properly and adjust for even load distribution, loading the heaviest/biggest bike first and closest to the vehicle.

If you need a rack, stop by the shop as we can aid you in your rack selection

Two popular truck racks that fit a variety of cars-SUV or sedan are the Sentinel and the Bones by Saris.  A popular hitch mounted bike carrier is the Allen Deluxe Three Bike. 


Saris Sentinel 3 Bike

Saris Sentinel 3 Bike

Saris Bones 2 Bike rack

Saris Bones 2 bike rack

Allen 3 bike hitch rack

Allen Deluxe 3 Bike Carrier


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