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Things to do-bicycling related-on a close to spring day

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

I changed our display window this morning as St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday and spring and Easter are next on the calendar.

Currently 33 degrees and misting the road conditions may not bring you outside to ride, but as the calendar says spring will arrive Wednesday.

To get in the mood for riding season the following suggestions may take your mind off the weather outside and thinking of the weather ahead and riding:

  • Locate you bicycle-did you last see it in the basement, the shed, the garage;
  • Is it accessible right now or is there a pile, a car, tools, etc in its way; 
  • Think about new places to ride.  New trails are opening around Ohio, or have opened this past year. Check out Summit Metro Parks, the Canal Coalition, Switching Gears website links on our home page for ideas for ideas;
  • Do you need to replace or get additional accessories for your bicycle? Our Accessories page may may give you some ideas;

Does your current bicycle meet your riding needs? Perhaps you wanted to check out a bicycle path and you have a road bike, or you wanted to ride a mountain bike trail and you have a hybrid bike. Consider purchasing an additional bicycle to open up additional places for riding enjoyment. Our Adult Bikes page can offer some suggestions.


Easter window

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