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The TowPath Trail more access in 2012 on to 2013

by Ruth Kaser for Towpath News, Uncategorized

2012 marked the celebration of two long awaited sections of the trail: Bartges St. and Wolf Creek to Eastern Road in Barberton. There has also been news this year of the construction and or the completion of connecting trails to allow access to the popular trail: The Richard Howe House connector, the Northside Connecter to name some of the most recent.
This summer marked the ground breaking of the first publicly funded section of the Towpath Trail in Cleveland. The section is to be 2/3 of a mile in length and is set to open in 2013. Its purpose is to not only provide access to the Towpath, (in the future), but also restore 2800 feet of shoreline. In the coming years, more sections will be added, eventually linking the Harvard Avenue Trail head with Canal Basin Park.
I am looking forward to riding beyond the Harvard Avenue Trail head and around the Lake Erie shoreline.

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