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The Fuji Traverse-having fun where ever you ride

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

What if you parked the car and rode your bicycle for one trip?

Would the route you would take use the streets or do you want to stay on the bicycle paths? Maybe you also want to try singletrack?

What bike would we suggest-what bike would have you arrive at your destination with a smile?

Fuji Traverse

Fuji Traverse 1.1D

The Fuji Traverse 1.1D is a 29er in the Hybrid category on the Fuji website.  The larger wheel and wider tire of the 29er have this bike rolling faster, farther and easier whether you are riding to an appointment or out on a new adventure.

The suspension fork will smooth out the bumps from the harshest road and the hydraulic brakes help you to stop in either wet weather or steep decsents.


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