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The forecast for today was much colder than the close to 60 degrees last week…

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

The weather websites are showing 40’s and 50’s highs for this week. The cooler temperatures mean it is time to pull on the wool, the tights, and the shoe covers. But don’t put away the shorts as you never know about the following 10 days weather. For the non cool weather riders it could mean back to planning the next years riding season.

2015 brought some interesting weather challenges with the snow deep enough to snow shoe right outside the front door of the shop. That same snow ended up being hauled away in March by city crews. It was followed by a bit of rain, then a bit more of the same-but we did have great cycling weather in July & August. 

2016 should start off being above freezing.  If you want to celebrate with a bike ride check out the Medina County Bicycle Club ride that starts at noon at Medina Square. It is called the ABCDEFGHIJ,(A Bi-Cycling Dandy Excuse For Getting Hibernated In January). The fun thing about this ride there is a route for anyone.This ride has been an annual event since 1977. The route is set up with 2, 12, and 24 mile loops with Stop-N-Go convenience stores along the way. To be comfortable, you must be prepared for the weather conditions that day! The ride is held regardless of the weather. Personalized participation certificates will be for sale at cost. Starts at the Medina Square.


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