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The first ride of the season-and winter conditioning

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

The pink face highlights the crisp, biting wind on 1/1/16 with 29 degrees

The pink face highlights the crisp, biting wind on 1/1/16 with 29 degrees

Don noted at the start of our first RD ride of the season the temperature was 29 degrees-the same as in our January picture!  But, as it was in January, the sun was out and the sky clear so we had to ride. 

I have found certain constants riding in early spring: 

  • While I may expect to simply pick up where I left off in the fall-to be able to ride where ever and how long I desire- I have not ridden as often over the winter. No surprise, I could anticipate a drop in my ride condition, especially when facing climbing a hill;
  • My average speed is down, for the same reason.

Still, it felt great to be out on the bike, although some of roads we took were in the same condition as the riders. The road crews have their job cut out for them on Hudson Run Rd, especially by Fairland as well as Shannon Ave. Don and I were well spaced as we rode along our route so that we could react accordingly to the conditions of the road. Our route also took us on the repaved section of Cleveland Massillon Road before our turn unto Shannon-smooth!  Although the lane was wide enough, drivers took advantage of the new turn lane and moved over to give us the lane.

Expect average speed and overall conditioning to improve as riding increases and spring settles in to consecutive days of good riding weather.

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