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Summer Reading and cycling

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

It is mid/late summer,depending on where you draw the line, and although it has been a hot one I have not had a chance for much pleasure reading. Pleasure reading=not work related like product literature and catalogs.

My current pleasure was delayed as I put it on the hold list about a month ago at the Barberton Library-Gold by Chris Cleve. The lengthy hold time may be due to the subject matter-the two main characters are female cyclists vying for a spot on an Olympic team. I am about half way through reading the book and I am enjoying the book. 

A book about pro cycling that is interesting reading and very down to earth in writing style is A Dog In a Hat by Joe Parkin. Wheels of Change by Sue Macy shares some background concerning how the bicycle is related to women’s rights and is filled with great illustrations and pictures, (National Geographic is the publisher).

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