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Spring has sprung, new things, plans for the month

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

The sun came out for a few minutes this morning and it has been coming out between showers causing the ritual earthworms to inch over unto the sidewalks. Don is busy with various repairs-tune ups, tire change overs, chain replacements. Ruth has been alternating her tasks: arranging and setting out new inventory, updating the website, and starting the April RD Newsletter.

Our parts orders include repair and maintenance parts as well as fun things that also help you ride longer. An item back in stock is one of our favorite energy products-Honey Stinger Waffles. These delicious waffles are made with organic honey sandwiched between two thin whole wheat waffles.

The Endura winter clothing is still on sale you can take 20% off of the listed price at the register, however we will be rotating the serious winter items out in favor of the spring & summer clothing. So shop for winter sooner, rather than later.

The area ride schedule will be updated to reflect our planned ride on Saturday at 8:30 as well as other area rides-both on bike paths and the roads.

Honey Stinger energy waffle

Honey Stinger energy waffle

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