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Some warm thoughts for a day that is on the cool side………

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

The sun peeps out of the clouds occasionally today-which makes the snow just sparkle.  But reminders of the windchill await when you step outside for any reason, be it to visit your favorite bicycle shop, take the dog out, or to see if there is enough snow for snow shoeing.

Good things to do today if you choose to stay inside include:

  • Checking out new places to ride this season;
  • Looking at your bicycle and considering what maintenance work you may want to do and what work  you may turn over to us;
  • Looking at what you wear when you ride and consider the benefits of cycling specific clothing. Endura Sport has an informative website. Our spring clothing arrives the end of this month;
  • And, check out the Summer Concert Schedule at Lake Anna! The first summer concert will be Friday, July 1st.
Barberton Summer Concert Schedule

Barberton Summer Concert Schedule

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