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Services: Repair, Fitting, Custom Building

From a complete overhaul of your bike (i.e., installing a fairing, truing/straightening your wheels, etc.) to a basic tune-up, you will benefit from our 35-years experience in bicycle repair. And because we’ve been in business doing repairs for over 35 years we’ve accumulated an extensive inventory of parts many of which are now considered hard to find. So, whether your bike is old or new, we can get it in top running shape and keep it there!

Don with his Dad in first shop.

Then and now–who knew how much bikes would change in 1979! The picture above is Don and his dad in the first shop.

Repairs & Repair Estimates

If your bike has obvious problems or just seems to need a tune-up, let us take a look at it. We fix a whole host of common bike ailments and we’re happy to provide free estimates on our repair services.

Custom Wheel Building

Although there are a variety of pre-made wheels available, a custom wheel allows you to choose the hub, rim spokes and lacing pattern for a unique wheel. Read more about our wheel building service on our Wheel Building page.


Basic Tune Up

  • Adjust derailleurs & brakes
  • Side to side truing of wheels
  • General lubrication of parts
  • Adjust headset and bottom bracket
  • Check tightness of all fittings

Deluxe Tune-up (all of above plus)

  • Wash bike
  • Adjust and lubricate cables
  • True wheels in a stand
  • Thorough drive-train cleaning

 Pro Tune Up (all of above plus)

  • Overhaul hubs
  • Remove derailleurs and chemical clean
  • Overhaul bottom bracket
  • Overhaul headset
  • Component Replacement & Upgrades

Don working on your wheel

Don working on your wheel

Sapim=Don's spoke of choice

Sapim=Don’s spoke of choice

We offer a full compliment of replacement and component upgrades ranging from low to high end. We can upgrade components for better performance, etc.

Custom Bike Building

Choose your frame and components and we’ll build your bike for a very reasonable fee.

Bike Fitting

Every bike sale includes making sure the bike you choose fits properly, on two levels. First, we want you to get the right kind of bike for your particular needs. We may recommend component adjustments or substitutions to refine the bike’s capabilities even further. Second, once you’ve selected a bike, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to make sure that it fits your body–ensuring the best riding experience and bike performance.

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