128 Second St. NW, Barberton, OH 44203

Scenes from we did the detour

by Ruth Kaser for Towpath News

 The see Rosie party is this Saturday, August 19. We will be working at that time and it seemed only fitting we ride the TowPath to check out Rosie and ride the detour.  We set out on Sunday from Spaghetti Warehouse and rode towards Canal Park, Downtown Akron and ultimately the start of the Towpath detour. We have ridden to Canal Park from Barberton several times, however we have not been beyond for a couple of years. There have been some artistic additions to the path and surroundings in Downtown that make it an interesting place for cycling.

We found the signage for the detour as well as the road signs marking the route. Along the detour route we said hello to Rosie. Watch the rail road crossings on Hickory Street. In specific the crossing that is at a 45 degree angle to the road. A bicycle is a highly maneuverable machine, but it stays upright only by being balanced. You have to take extra care at a diagonal railroad crossing as it can push your front wheel to the side and sweep your bike out from under you. When you cannot avoid it, cross it at nearly as possible at a right angle.

Along Hickory Street WATCH

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