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Product testing-Cat Crap

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Our studded tires are working well -they gave us traction to ride in the snow on those couple of days the white stuff hit the ground. Lately we had been riding with the tires at full inflation as the snow has been gone from the streets.  It looks like we will get another chance for riding on snowy streets this weekend.

One drawback to riding in cool weather is fogged up eyeglass lenses. Don and I wear eye protection while riding and we find ourselves wiping off our lenses to be able to see our surroundings. Don checked our vendors for products that would offer a solution to this problem and found Cat Crap.

Cat Crap is made by E.K. Excessories and is a paste you apply to eyeglass lenses to prevent fogging. We will be out product testing and will report our results.

Cat Crap anti fog

Cat Crap anti fog


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