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Positive spin

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

We could get out our front door this morning-we could step out of the shop and snow shoe. We could not get out of our back door as it was blocked by snow drifts. We could snow shoe our way to Lake Anna, the snow plows were just making their way to the area at 6am. The snow was a perfect depth, the temperature in the mid twenties perfect also as it was cold enough for the activity and warm enough that multiple layers of clothing were not needed. As we came back from our lap around the lake-the snow had really drifted in that area- I noticed the snow plow had made a swipe in front of the shop. They just scraped the road, no salt yet-so perfect conditions for the snow bike.

Under the light of the street lights there was just enough light with the flash to take a gallery of this mornings adventure. The white dots are snow-it was still coming down when we were out and about. We hope you enjoy the gallery. If you would like to go on your own snow shoe adventure, stop by the shop as we still have some snow shoes in stock. 

By the way, it is 30 days until spring. Also,with thanks to Metro Parks, Serving Summit County:

What’s in a Name?
The Ohio buckeye was named for its nut, which resembles the eye of a male white-tailed deer, or buck.


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