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Planing your riding 2013 season

by Ruth Kaser for NE Ohio Tidbits for Cyclers

The Ohio Bicycle Federation Calendar of events has not been released for 2013, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to plan your 2013 cycling goals. Do you want to do longer rides, do you want to ride more often, do you want to try a registered ride?

There is a ride in September that may be one to add to your “to Ride” list-the “Tour De Donut”! Claimed as “The Sweetest Ride in Ohio” it is described as a mass-start non competitive race where riders visit two “donut stops” during the 30 mile course or one stop for the 15 mile mini and eat donuts. For each doughnut the rider eats during the ride (and keeps down) they have 5 minutes deducted from their ride time the ride results page included most doughnuts as well as bike times.

The ride lengths are 15 and 32 miles so you should have plenty of time to build up your ability to ride either distance and consume  doughnuts. The ride literature indicates there will be plenty of fruit and other refreshments if you really do not enjoy doughnuts.

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