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On sale the KHS Alite 350- performance at a great price

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Did you know that 30 Ohio State Parks offer over 257 miles of biking trails? The trails vary by difficulty from steep hills and rocky terrain to picnic area loops that are partially paved. West Branch State Park and Quail Hollow State Park offer novice through difficult trails. A map with description of the type of trails each park offers can be found at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR)website

The Alite 350 from KHS would be a great bike to ride on these trails. This bike features an aluminum frame so it will be light and stiff which translates to great for maneuvering and riding as well as a front shock fork that can be adjusted or locked out. The Alite 350 has double wall rims and disc brakes which bring a combination of strength and utility to your next ride. 

What are double wall rims and why are they a good feature on a new bike, you may ask? A double-wall rim has two layers, with a cavity in between. The spokes are attached at the lower layer, closer to the hub, and the upper layer has holes large enough to allow insertion of the nipple heads or a screwdriver.  The double wall can make the rim stiffer, and stronger.

KHS Alite 350-Mountain ready with real mountain bike performance

KHS Alite 350-Mountain ready with real mountain bike performance

We have this bike on sale at $449, marked down from $579 in a 19″ frame which is suitable for someone 5′ 10″ or 5′ 11″ tall. 

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