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Officially spring now and planning rides

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Well it is official now, spring arrived at 1:14 AM EDT. It doesn’t feel like spring but I am hearing reports of the early spring flowers bravely poking their heads above ground. As I rode this morning I smelled the aroma of skunks out and about. Not only that but as I look at the long range forecast, not next week unfortunately, temperatures of 55-60 great as daytime highs.

I will be updating the local bike ride schedule post to include some early April rides. Some of our area bicycle clubs have been doing other outdoor activities these past few months like hiking, skiing and snow shoeing rather than bicycling. Their schedules generally resume bicycling in April. 

Don and I will commence our RD Shop rides later in April. We will be riding on Saturday mornings before we open.

Morning ride July 13, 2013

Morning ride July 13, 2013

The above photo is a reminder of the promise of coming warmth and better riding conditions.

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