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Nice weather again-have you checked….

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

The weather forecast is for good riding weather for both the day time and the full moon rides scheduled tonight.

If you want to better insure a happy ride check your batteries for your head and tail lights so you can see and be seen on the full moon ride.

Also, check your tire pressure. The inflation pressure should be checked and adjusted at least once a month. Even the best tubes constantly lose pressure as, contrary to car tires, the pressure required in bicycle tires is much higher and wall thickness much thinner. A pressure loss of 14 PSI can be viewed as normal, but pressure loss will be much faster with high inflation pressures and much slower with low inflation pressures. Use a pressure gauge to monitor the inflation pressure. The widespread thumb-test method is very inaccurate, as all tires will feel identically hard from a pressure of 30 psi up.

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