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My First Bike

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This story sent by Louis

It was sometime in 1947 when I was gifted a shiny new Colson bicycle. It was maroon in color with white pin stripes on the fenders and frame. The kickstand, as was common in those days, was the type that fastened to both rear axle nuts and flipped up to clip onto the end of the rear fender when riding. The wheels were 20 inch and the tires were fat balloon tires which were the norm then. The bike was probably too big for me but back then nobody fussed with those details.

I learned to ride quite easily, even though I had no training wheels, I only fell once. I got back on the bike and was on my way to the world of cycling.

I was five years old.

There were no paved roads where I lived so all riding was on gravel roads. I didn’t realize it then, but those balloon tires were perfect for our roads in the country.

As I outgrew that bike I eventually built up a full sized bike (26 inch wheels) from old parts I collected over a few years of scrounging. But that’s another story for another day.

Ah, a ride down gravelly Memory Lane.

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