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Musings regarding the weekend forecast and Lebron

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

As I look outside it is still raining, and the wind is causing our awning to dance its full length across the front of the shop. I think the awning is dancing in anticipation of the coming snow. We decided to offer snow shoes as another winter fitness opportunity since not everyone enjoys a work out with an indoor trainer. The decision was helped after the marvelous snowfalls of a couple years ago that had several local buildings with drifts that equaled their roof lines. We understood that kind of snow does not occur every winter but in general our area either receives or is very near to the kind of snow that makes you want to strap on the snowshoes. Imagine our disappointment, as ever since we started stocking snow shoes there has been no measurable snow, in fact we either reached a record of no measurable snow fall in a consecutive day period or we are close to the record. So, please understand the happy dance here and hope of at least 3 inches of the white stuff…

Now, regarding Lebron. Today’s Akron Beacon Journal Sports section included a story under the “Roundup” column. The Associate Press story is about Lebron riding to his games, his practices and his shootarounds. Lebron talks about how he enjoys the 30-45 minute ride from his home to practice/the game and on one day he made the trip 4 times. The fourth trip and last trip of that day was back home after the Heat’s 30 point victory. He feels cycling has helped his endurance and is an important part of his conditioning program. He also shared the importance of safety equipment while riding he said he uses the lights on his bike. Google Lebron’s bike and you will find several stories about his riding and pictures of his custom made Cannondale. The review of the included images will also show he is wearing a helmet.

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