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Musings about le Tour, cycling, weather and the 4th

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

The weather forecast for Barberton Ohio for today and tomorrow is 90 degrees. The forecast for Roen France is a comfortable 72 degrees and a 70 % chance of rain. You may wonder about the relevance of the Roen forecast, but check the title of the post-Le Tour began this past weekend.

Today’s segment of le Tour is only 122 miles-but it is labeled as medium mountains on the route schedule. The schedule for tomorrow is Abbeville to Roen labeled plain and 133 miles in length. I have ridden 100 miles in one day, actually I almost completed a full T.O.S.R.V (The Tour of the Sioto River Valley-210 miles total) down Columbus way, several years ago. This was a personal triumph of which I am still very proud as although I did not fully complete the ride it was and still is the greatest distance I have ridden on a bicycle in a single day.

Tomorrow we plan on riding our bicycles and will probably head out early to try to beat the heat of the day. I doubt we will ride 133 miles, we may not even ride 33 but we should be out for more than 3 miles.

On this 4th of July eve I am thankful for those whose actions resulted in our celebration as a country of our independence. I am in awe of humans capable of riding over 100 miles a day for almost 20 days. We plan on taking some July 4th photos on our ride, will you-ride, and will you take pictures?

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