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More fun than a barrel full of monkeys….be seen with Monkey Light Bike Lights

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

It is always important to be visible while riding your bicycle. The sun angles during spring and fall provide special challenges due to the shorter amount of daylight and the angle of the sun during sun rise and sun set. We offer head lights and tail lights and both items are designed to include a side flash or steady light.

However, a fun accessory that will add to your visibility is Monkey Light Bike Lights from Monkeylectric.

We now offer the m204, m210 and m232 models.

  •  The m204 is the basic model with 4 leds, 40 lumens, 8 colors and 5 themes;
  • The m210 moves you up to 10 leds, 60 lumens, 10 colors and 19 themes;
  • with 32 leds, 200 lumens, 64 colors and 42 fun themes that include hearts, comets and lightning bolts the m232 will offer all sorts of illumination opportunities.


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