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Missed the class, you can still get your bike ready

by Ruth Kaser for The Basement

The first official day of spring is a little more than a month away. Before its arrival, (and afterwards) there will still be days of 20 degrees, snow, ice, etc. In between those days there will be some days that make you want to grab your bike and head out to ride.

So, that you won’t be disappointed when spring fever hits it would be helpful to go over Don’s check list from the What Should I Do To Get My Bike Ready For Spring maintenance class at the Summit Cycling Center. The attendees received a handout of things to look at -your bikes routine physical. Below are some highlights of the class.

Check your wheels:

  • Any broken spokes?
  • Do they spin freely, do they have a wobble?
  • Are your tires inflated to the correct pressure, do they still have tread?
  • When you roll your bike forward and apply the brakes does it stop easily?

Check your drive train:

  • Drop your chain,(remove it from the front chainring or sprocket) and check for side play where the crank arms attach to the bottom bracket;
  • Check your pedals for wear and tightness to crank arms,
  • Can you see your chain through the gunk? 

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