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Mirrors, creativity and Chuck Harris

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

They come into the shop, mostly adults but sometimes young persons with a project in mind needing a part and some advice. Their workshop is in various places in their homes, mainly in the garage. They are the tinkerers and inventors. Some create items that end up becoming a namesake-like a Chuck Harris Mirror. Chuck Harris was one of those people, an inventor, a cyclist and he died this past Saturday, August 18.

The links that follow are to articles about Chuck from Adventure Cycling and the Columbus Dispatch.

To me Chuck Harris was the epitome of the tinkerer/inventor with his manner of recycling material to make products for sale. We have sold his helmet and eyeglass mirrors in our shop. I have always had problems both getting in and keeping them on the sales floor. I had to call to place my order in the off season as Chuck would travel around in his van selling the mirrors at some of the bike rides around Ohio.  This spring I called to place my order and waited longer than usual for our supply of mirrors. I chalked up the delay to our non winter and early spring causing a backlog. However the real reason must have been Chucks declining health. He was a unique individual. He will be missed and I hope his work is continued.

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