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Let’s Talk Water Bottles

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

It’s a beautiful day to go for a bike ride. You finish your pre-ride check list: tires pumped up, wheels spin freely and brakes engage on the rim, and nothing looks like it’s about to fall off. You remember to bring refreshment so you reach for:

  1. Your bicycle water bottle;
  2. The half drunk bottle of ____, (fill in your favorite brand) water;
  3. A can of ice tea.

Your answer should have been 1. your bicycle water bottle. Bicycle water bottles are designed to be inserted into water bottle cages. If you place a large size water bottle next to a smaller size bottle you will notice both have an indentation in the bottle. This design allows the bottle to fit snug when inserted fully in the cage. Beverage bottles and cans are not designed to be placed in a water bottle cage. They may appear to fit when placed in the cage, however they can and do pop out when you least expect it or desire it.

All of the water bottles we stock are BPA, DEHA & DEHP free. They are FDA Food Contact Safe.

We also offer BioGreen™ bottles. A BioGreen™ bottle is also biodegradable! Products made of BioGreen Plastic biodegrade in a landfill, dump or backyard compost pile. Unlike corn based plastic, products made of BioGreen Plastic are recyclable and are not affected by heat or light. They degrade into biogas and a biomass that actually adds nutrients to the soil. Make a puncture less likely — and quicker to fix if it does happen.

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