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Let’s talk car racks

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

The big question for traveling with your bicycle is transport. There are several options with the most common:  inside( if you are laying it down on its side lay it chain side up), strapped on a trunk or spare tire rack, or have it accompany you via a hitch rack.

The options are listed in order of cost:

  • Inside is the least expensive. The plus on inside transport is keeping the bike protected from outside elements and potential theft. The downsides include space taken up, especially if you are taking several bikes, and the potential  for blown tires if the the bicycles are left inside of a hot car. 
  • Trunk racks will free up space inside of the vehicle, and you can either buy a rack with a lock or use a thick cable lock to secure the bikes to the rack. You will want to check the manufacturers fit chart to see if the rack is compatible with your car. The cost of trunk/spare tire racks will increase with the amount of rack options:attachment straps, padding on the parts that touch your vehicle, and the versatility of the rack (does it open to a fixed position or can you set it in multiple positions). We currently have racks from Hollywood and Saris. Hollywood has some great technical tips regarding trunk racks on their website: http://www.hollywoodracks.com/supp-trunk-rack-tech-info.htm
  • Hitch racks will free up your trunk and/or hatch from the weight of your bicycle(s). Some cars only recommend 60-70 lbs be carried on a trunk/spare tire rack, so if you are traveling with 3-4 bicycles you will need a hitch rack. Our hitch racks will fit both sizes of receiver hitches: 1-1/4 with a sleeve to make it into 2″. The rack can be tilted for access to your trunk/hatch. If your car is not equipped with a receiver hitch you will need to purchase one. We can help you purchase the correct size hitch for your car.
Racks to carry your bicycle(s)

Racks to carry your bicycle(s), 


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