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Lebron again and how you can cycle your way to happy

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

Yesterday’s post included Lebron crediting cycling as an important part of his cardio program. I read an article in The Independent today I found on the League of American Bicyclists Facebook page. The article gives me the thought that Lebron is getting more than endurance assistance by riding to and from games, and practices. The complex mental activities involved in commuting would also provide benefits to concentration on his game.

The article included a couple of observations and study results regarding cycling helping depression. If you have been depressed or otherwise in a really dark mood have you ever been the same or worse once you finally hopped off your bike? Granted today’s snow and possible icy conditions would have you hoping for either a snow bike or studded ice tires, second choice could be an indoor trainer-if you push your self a bit and put some action on those pedals!

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