128 Second St. NW, Barberton, OH 44203

Just what can be found at the bottom of Lake Anna?

by Ruth Kaser for NE Ohio Tidbits for Cyclers

Mark your calendar for a different type of event as The Green Pirate is coming to Barberton on Saturday, September 17. The day will be centered around Scuba Divers collecting “treasure” from the bottom of Lake Anna. Rumor has it you may find bowling balls, shopping carts, and possibly cars. 

The divers will be awarded prizes based upon the sunken treasure they recover. Some of the categories will be: oldest treasure, most unusual, most unique plastic, most valuable. You say you are not a certified diver-no worries non-divers will also be needed that day. Non-divers can assist the scuba divers with surace support, and they can participate in the 50/50 raffle and silent action.

More information can be found at Deep Six Specialists. Proceeds from this event will go to the Barberton Historical Society and the NAUI Green Diver Initiative

Lake Anna Visitor Center-what is hiding tn those waters?

Lake Anna Visitor Center-what is hiding tn those waters?



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