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Just in- socks

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Some may read the title of the article and think ok, move on-but before you do let me share some sock thoughts.

Cycling socks are different from the pair you may pick up at your local department store. Like department store socks cycling socks are offered in lengths but most common is ankle length. The Louis Garneau Mid Versis Socks we have in stock now feature: a ventilated upper and cushioned sole, with 50% Coolplus,30% Polypropylene,15% Nylon,5% Lycra®.This sock is perfectly ventilated and comfortable for all types of riding conditions. In addition, Louis Garneau is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item to help fund a variety of breast cancer organizations worldwide.

Mid Versis sock

 Another sock option is a compression sock. Compression of muscles and tissue during training is fundamental to improved blood flow and optimized oxygenation. The process of creating energy in muscles and the focus of that energy is improved through these means, resulting in enhanced performance potential.This sock is made of 75% Nylon,and 25% Lycra®.
It features: stretch zone at toes and heel, an extremely stretchable cuff that reduces pressure points and increases blood flow,and medium moisture transfer.

A Compression Sock

A Compression Sock

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