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Just in- accessories you need

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Frame pumps, locks, and bags. Common accessories but these items have some really neat features!

New accessories

Just received, bags, locks, pumps

What can 65 cm do for you as security? The Abus Ugrip 560 is designed in such a way that it is very difficult to hold with certain tools used for breaking locks. In addition, the thick cable has a deterrent effect on many petty thieves making this lock an excellent choice when basic security is required.

The Crank Brothers Sterling and the Topeak Mini Master Blaster DX have pressure gauges -useful features when you are out on the road and needed to replace a tube or top off a slow leak. Both pumps have smart heads-so you can just engage the pump head on your valve. The Sterling has the added feature of a high volume air switch-when you are inflating a road tire.

The Jandd Mtn Handle Pack is designed so it can be attached on your handlebar stem facing you or facing forward over the front wheel.

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