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Just arrived, and how clean is your chain

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Which one of these statements describes your approach to the maintenance of your bicycle:

  1. A minimalist approach- just my chain and something that is one and done.
  2. I would like to do some of my bicycle maintenance.

If your answer is number one your product is One Step from Finish Line or ProLink chain lube by ProGold. The products have different formulas but are designed to flush out contaminants and old lube, and leave behind a clean new film of low friction lubricant.

If your answer is number two we recommend Finish Line Dry Lube.  It can also be used on derailleurs, shifters, cables, and brake pivot points. Finish Line’s DRY Lube provides optimum drivetrain efficiency without attracting an excessive amount of abrasive contaminants. This is Finish Line’s most popular and versatile lubricant.

We have all of these products in stock.

What has just arrived at the shop: new seat bags from Banjo Brothers , helmets and bags from Louis Garneau, and Curb Dog Slider nylon axle pegs.

Slider Peg

Slider Peg

Profile R-16 Bag-helmet not included

Profile R-16 Bag-helmet not included


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