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Hydrating and energy- spring, summer,fall or winter

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

The following information is shared from Nuun’s website-hydration FAQ.

Although no two people are the same, during moderate exercise in a cool climate an average person can lose up to 1 cup or more per hour. It can be difficult to determine fluid loss while exercising this time of year. Some riders start their outside exercise program once the temperatures reach 40-50 degrees. It is important to replace the fluids being lost during your ride-drink before you are thirsty and drink throughout your ride.

Is an electrolyte replacement necessary for a casual ride? The Nuun Active Hydration tablets are formulated for higher intensity activities such as a harder or longer ride.  So, you may not feel the benefits on a short, or casual ride.  Electrolyte replacements can help as when salt leaves the body through sweat and lots of plain water gets taken in, the bloodstream becomes diluted and sodium and potassium levels drop.  With just one Nuun tab and 16 ounces of water, you get a sugar free sports drink with the optimal balance of electrolytes. But whatever you decide is best for you, stay properly hydrated.

 We are also offering the Nuun Energy. Why energy tabs you ask? The Nuun Energy tabs have a mix of their electrolyte replacement, a caffeine boost, and energizing B Vitamins. There is no sugar in their product.  The Energy product provides the essentials for performance through balanced hydration and sustained energy. The B Vitamins help to turn carbohydrates into accessible fuel. The caffeine will help to energize your mind and body without the crash.


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