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How to get around today, use a fat tire

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

The result of Saturdays first snow then rain then freeze can be found on the main streets and side streets.  The plows are out trying to smooth things out on the road and apply salt but in the mean time- isn’t it great fun to try to go out and about?

While you can motor your way along the rough roads a fat tire bike is far more fun. Don and I took the Crawler out yesterday and had a great time riding it along the streets of Barberton. The wide tires seemed to float over the uneven ice and snow covered road  surface. The aggressive tread on the 26×4″ tires made the ride a blast.

Today’s sun masks some pretty frigid temperatures outside but conditions are still favorable for fat tire riding.

Just sayin’…..

Origin 8 Crawler

Origin 8 Crawler


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