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HB154-more information

by Ruth Kaser for NE Ohio Tidbits for Cyclers

HB154 passed the Ohio House back in May 2016. The following is a brief background on the bill: House Bill 154 has proceeded to the Senate thanks to the support of bicyclists from across Ohio. Here is its path to date: April 13, 2015: HB 154 introduced into the House by Rep. Mike Henne and Rep. Mike Sheehy. June 25, 2015: HB 154 passed the House Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Public Safety Committee 14-0 May 24, 2016: HB 154 passed the Ohio House by an 81 to 16 vote May 25, 2016: HB 154 introduced into the Senate (Rules and Reference Committee.) The Senate Rules and Reference Committee has assigned the bill to the Senate Transportation Committee! For  House Bill 154 to pass into Ohio law by the end of 2016 it must be passed by Senate Transportation Committee, the Ohio Senate and finally Signed into law by Governor John Kasich.

This bill has proceeded on to the Senate thanks to the support of bicyclists from around Ohio. Today, the Ohio Bicycle Federation will testify before the Senate Transportation Committee, and Ohio Bicycle Federation is requesting action from cyclists and all interested parties by contacting the members of the Senate Transportation Committee, and Ohio Senators to approve passage of HB154.

The bill would:
1.Require that Ohio motorists leave cyclists at least three feet of passing clearance.
2.Permit all Ohio vehicles to proceed through an intersection after stopping and yielding right-of-way, even when not detected by the device meant to move the signal from red to green. You can follow the bill and view the PDF of the full bill on the Ohio Legislature website.  

Ohio HB154

Ohio HB154


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