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Got gloves? Stop by today, buy a pair before your weekend ride…

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

Have you ever been out on a bike ride and have had to cut the ride short, or had to deal later with tingling fingers, sweat in your eyes, or sweaty palms? Do you wear cycling gloves while riding? You should for the following reasons:

  • They look cool
  • Gloves are padded in strategic places on your palm that will help relieve pressure on the Median and Ulnar nerves. This padding will help prevent hand fatigue.
  • Most gloves are constructed with a soft fabric in the thumb area deigned for wiping: you may mop your brow, face, nose
  • Gloves are great safety equipment-providing protection on the palm area in case of a crash
  • Gloves are constructed to absorb palm sweat and aid in handlebar gripping comfort
Cycling Gloves at RD Bike Shop

Cycling Gloves at RD Bike Shop

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