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Fun on a Sunday afternoon or looking for green in all the right places

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

We came to the conclusion Saturday afternoon that between the rising temperatures and the previous days rain going snow shoeing Sunday afternoon would not be an enjoyable experience-unless we wanted to make the several hour drive to blizzard country.

The next choice was to pull out the bikes. On Sunday, after glancing around and seeing not white but brown and in some areas tulips and crocuses poking hopefully through the ground, our second choice of riding seemed the perfect choice of activity.

The wind felt brisk and was nippy enough to need ear coverings and full finger gloves, but not cold enough to double layer the socks.

I had hoped to find some more signs of the change of brown to green but where we rode on our short loop ride was too shady and therefore not very revealing. We did find some hints of impending spring it is on its way.

February bike ride

Riding along on Vanderhoof Rd


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