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Fat tires on the TowPath trail

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

We took out the Crawler on the TowPath trail the other day and it felt like it glided along the path! The bike uses the NuVinci N360 hub. First off, the photos of us riding on the Crawler have been added to the slideshow on the home page. Just scroll towards the top of the Home Page, under the shop address, and check out the photos with the caption R & D Get Fat on the Tow Path. Thanks go to our website creators, Ted and Paula with TH Design for their continued wizardry.

The NuVinci N360 hub is a continuously variable drive train. This is the first bike we have had a chance to ride that features this hub. There are several unique aspects to riding the bike with this hub:

  • Its smooth. The shifting is as you would expect-you twist and it changes gears. Except you twist in the opposite direction that you would expect- forward goes to a lower gear;
  • You can shift whenever, where ever you desire- you can stand over the bike and turn the shifter and watch the rider go up and down the hill if you desire, or you can ride the bike;
  • The bike is never out of gear-a big plus in a bike shop where regular shift levers seem to attract inquisitive fingers which brings unwelcome surprises when someone then tries to demo the bicycle;
  • There is no grinding, no crunching as there is no miss shifting with this hub-your pedaling cadence just changes as you shift;
  • A continuously variable drive train means there are no fixed gears.

R& D give this bike and the NuVinci N360 hub two big smiles of approval.

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