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Exploring the gateway to the Towpath Trail in Cleveland and old neighborhoods

by Ruth Kaser for Towpath News

We had a chance to explore the TowPath trail at its gateway-the Harvard Avenue entrance in Cleveland. After our ride we decided we should have set aside a larger block of time- we had such a great time exploring the area. The trailhead parking lot was full of cars that Sunday, with plenty of cycling traffic coming and going also. The Towpath Trail is paved at this end for a distance of 5.7 miles, with a painted center line I found to be very useful.  As you ride along the TowPath you will notice some side trails, and you stay on the Towpath by following the direction of the green line. The trail map shows the towpath and the adjoining trails.

Checking out the Harvard Gateway

Checking out the Harvard Gateway

The announcement of the reopening of  the Treadway Trail ignited our urge to explore the area. The trail is in a park in Old Brooklyn which is the area where I grew up. The trail is in Harmody Park which  is a neighborhood park near Treadway Ave. We found the park to have street parking only. Treadway Creek Trail can be used as an access trail for the Towpath Trail. The trail is about a half mile in length. It ends at Jennings and you follow the signs along the route to the Harvard Gateway. As we made the turn from Jennings to Harvard Ave we also noticed signs directing us onward to Tremont. Alas, another bike adventure for another day.

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