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Enjoying this beautiful day on the eve of falls first day

by Ruth Kaser for Shop News

The calendar indicates the Autumn Equinox is this Sunday, the 22nd, and that seems right as the mums in the MumFestival garden are perfect. We have received a shipment of Fuji Crosstowns-comfort bikes in various frame sizes and using either 26″ or 700c wheel sizes. Don is busily assembling but has had a chance or two to come up from the basement work area to enjoy the weather.

In the background we are running the DVD “Unlocked Through Songs & Images, Navigating Canalway’s Forgotten History”. It is a DVD with images of past and present along the Canalway set to music. The music and lyrics by Foster Brown the Historical Interpreter at Cleveland Metroparks. It is an interesting DVD.

Staring at me, and taunting me with images of weather to come is the Fall-Winter cycling apparel catalog from Louis Garneau USA. There have been some cooler mornings so I have received some warmer clothing requests.  It’s too soon to think about tights, gloves, wool socks and helmet liners I think in protest-but that is just the 79 degrees outside speaking. My quick look at weather websites shows several days of lows in the 40s next week.  So, while Don is assembling bikes I will be reading about tights, gloves, wool socks and helmet liners. 

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