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Enjoying almost 60 degrees and eating healthy

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

The weather forecast for the rest of the day includes a high probability a few,(or several)drops will fall as you head out to ride in this near 60 degree afternoon. We are open until 6pm today so send us a picture of yourself on your ride if you have a chance go for a bike ride.

Regarding healthy eating.  I am always interested in basic healthy foods that are in most grocery stores, foods that the dietary guidelines refer to as nutrient dense foods. Five Healthy Foods include :bulgur, chick peas, kale, spaghetti squash and sun flower seeds. While these foods are great as a part of a healthy diet they work well for cycling as they help keep you feeling full after your meal  and coupled with your exercise program, (your bicycle rides) make for a great overall care plan .

From Epicurian Table.com-Don’t confuse bulgar with cracked wheat. Both bulghur and cracked wheat are excellent sources of fibre, minerals and vitamins for your diet. What is the difference between bulghur and cracked wheat? It is a matter of splitting hairs, or rather the wheat berry in one or the partially hulled wheat grain in the other and whether the cracking took place in a raw stage (cracked wheat) or after cooking then drying (bulghur). Partially hulled whole wheat kernels that are soaked, then steamed (hence pre-cooked if you will), dried and then crushed are called bulghur. Because the processes is more involved, bulghur is the more expensive product and is more tender than cracked wheat. It has a pleasant chewy texture, is easier to digest and for most of us, is tastier. Confusingly, some sources use wheat berries to make bulghur. What differentiates the two is that bulghur is soaked, steamed/cooked BEFORE the cracking. This difference gives bulghur a far longer storage life than cracked wheat.

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