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Don’t get ticked off, keep alert for ticks

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

From the Summit Metro Parks Alert Page

Ticks can be picked up on low-growing vegetation any time temperatures are above freezing, but they are most active in spring and fall. Our mild winters have resulted in what our biologists are calling a tick “explosion.” Most bicycle paths are groomed,with the grass cut low on the sides of the path but it is a good idea to do a tick exam post ride.

How to reduce encounters with ticks: · Use bug spray to repel ticks (at least 25% DEET or containing permethrin). · Wear a long-sleeve shirt and long pants tucked into your shoes. · Stay on designated trails, and do a “tick check” after being outside (and don’t forget to check your dogs, too!) · The clothing you wear should be light in color so you can easily see ticks.

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