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Crossing the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge

by Ruth Kaser for NE Ohio Tidbits for Cyclers

Found on the Ohio Department of Transportation web site. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is moving forward with plans to make it easier to cross the Cuyahoga Valley by making improvements to facilities on the Lorain-Carnegie (Hope Memorial) bridge.

Consensus emerged from a series of stakeholder workshops that begun last fall that include:

  • Maintaining the existing sidewalk on the south side of the bridge;
  • Installing a multi-use path on the north side of the bridge, making it as wide as possible;
  • Lighting the Guardians of Transportation and install historic pedestrian-level lighting along the bridge.

The estimated $6 million project is expected to begin construction in 2012. An additional story regarding this project is reported in the Cleveland Plan Dealer.

The Lorain-Carnegie (Hope Memorial Bridge) is a classic. An internet search will show results that include a listing in Wikipedia, one in historicbridges.org as well as a listing in the Library of Congress American Memory. The bridge was built in 1932 yet still has a 97.1% Sufficiency rating. It is the second of the major high-level spans that cross the Cuyahoga River. I grew up in Cleveland and I still remember how the bridge was transformed when the Guardians were cleaned. Frankly, I had never noticed their existence as we traveled the bridge. A collage of pictures of the Guardians appear on the index page of the historicbridges.org page for the Lorain-Carnegie bridge.

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