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Connecting to the Ohio & Erie TowPath Trail and counting down

by Ruth Kaser for Towpath News

I have two countdowns running, one will happen next Thursday the other is scheduled for the end of May. Spring will officially arrive next Thursday, but don’t look at the long range forecast today as the “s” word was used in its description. The end of May is the scheduled time for the ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the TowPath Trail Connector Bridge in Barberton. The groundbreaking ceremony for the TowPath Trail Connector Bridge will be at the end of this month- March 28. 

Back in December, Stark and Tuscarawas counties had their party-it was an important one, too. On December 5th, the Tuscarawas River Aqueduct Towpath Trail Bridge was dedicated. With the dedication of the bridge, all four counties are now connected along the 101-mile Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail and one can travel by foot or bicycle north to East 49th Street in Cleveland. 

We have some prior editions of the TowPath Companion, one in particular is from 2001. It includes a map legend that indicates 59 miles of the trail are complete, 24 miles in planning, 14 miles undeveloped, and 4 miles deferred as the section still in private ownership. Alot of hard work and collaboration went into those 42 miles, as we get ready to ride this season we will be joining the other 2,500,000 others utilizing the Ohio& Erie TowPath Trail.

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