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Checking out Brooklyn Cross-or a one way to enjoy a sunny Sunday

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

USA Cycling has a great description of Cyclo-cross or CX:  ” Imagine steeplechase with a bike, and mud — if you are lucky, lots and lots of mud! Depending on experience level, racers compete for between 30 minutes and one hour by racing multiple laps around a short course that can consist of grass, dirt, mud, pavement, short, steep hills, off-camber sections and a few obstacles. Typically, the course is about 1.5-2 miles long. The obstacles can be anything from low, wood planks (called barriers), stairs, short hills too steep to ride up or logs. The obstacles force the rider to get off and on their bike multiple times a lap. Sometimes, parts of the course are too slippery or slow to ride and racers pick up their bike and run with it.

We traveled to the west side of Cleveland on Sunday to watch CX races taking place at Veterans Memorial Park. There were races for all ages from under 9 years old, (the Little Belgians) to the women or men categories for 35/45/55+.


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