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Celebrate ride to work day with a bike ride!

by Ruth Kaser for Cycling Articles

Don at the Community Bike Ride

Don inspecting a bicycle

Tomorrow is National Ride to Work Day. The forecast calls for mid 70’s and no rain!  Whether your riding plans are for Friday or an other day keep in mind these five rules:

  1. Follow the law. A bicycle is a vehicle- it is slower and smaller but it is subject to traffic laws;
  2. Be visible. Ride where people can see you-make eye contact with other road users. Wear bright clothing and use lights on your bike;
  3. Be predictable. Just like you should drive- ride in a straight line, no texting, and signal your turns;
  4. Think ahead. Ride defensively and try to anticipate what drivers and pedestrians are going to do. Watch for road hazards and opening car doors;
  5. Make sure your bike is ready by performing the ABC Quick Check: A – Air, are the tires inflated properly? Use a pressure gauge to insure proper pressure and check for visible tire damage. B – Brakes, inspect pads for wear and check pad adjustment – make sure they do not rub the tire. C – Cranks and chain, pull your cranks away from the bike and tighten if necessary. Make sure chain is free of rust and gunk. Quick – Make sure quick releases are closed and pointing to the back of the bike. Check – Final quick check to make sure everything is working properly.

Any questions? Stop by the shop or call us!

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